Donegan School Bethlehem PA warmed my heart

I kind of knew my visit to Donegan School in Bethlehem PA this past Wednesday May 11 would be special from my interaction via email with Librarian Sherry Lutz-Reinhart. But I never dreamed of what I would see when I arrived.  First of all I was going back to my home state and that's always great. Also, I was speaking close to where I went to college at Kutztown University, and usually there is always a faculty member in the school who graduated from there too. But when I saw the genuine excitement created by Sherry and Mrs. Mertz with the students I was floored. They actually made pages from my books come alive in 3D displays in the hallways. I have to share these pictures with you, and the books they are from.

Thank you again Sherry, Mrs. Mertz and Scott Lutz who provided the funding for my visit. I'm marking this down as one of my top ten visits of all time. You truly warmed my heart.